The Narcissist Trap:

Unmasking Narcissism: 3 Secrets to Identifying and Dealing with Toxic Relationships

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The Narcissist Trap Is A Transformational 9-Day Event Packed With 23 World-Class Experts To Help You Escape gaslighting, confusion and abuse.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Are you ready?...

To feel every drop of tension evaporate from your body as your lost vitality and confidence are restored.To let the clouds of confusion clear. To say “NO!” to another day living with fear and doubt.

Imagine the crystal clarity you’ll witness as your intuition comes rushing back.

If you’re here to escape a toxic relationship…

If you want to stop a narcissist from crawling under your defenses one day in the future…

Or you’d rather let the wisdom of your intuition guide you as your confidence spirals ever upwards like a phoenix rising from the ashes…

Clear your schedule and join us at the unmissable event of the year.

Elliot will be giving a special presentation every day for 9 days to give you the unbreakable mindset to reclaim your best life ever.

Claim Freedom From The People Who Stop At Nothing To Get Ahead

The average person will know at least 10 narcissists in their lifetime.

That’s 10 cold-hearted predators lying to your face, slandering behind your back, stealing your money, ruining your health, and destroying your love of life.

This “wolf in sheep’s clothing” could be a partner, a friend, boss, even a parent or family member.

They want your love, loyalty, suffering, reputation, money, confidence, EVERYTHING. As far as the narcissist is concerned, YOU are the thief who’s withholding the attention, admiration, and dominance that rightfully belongs to them.

To them, all they are doing is ‘teaching you a valuable life lesson.’Like the frog in a pot of water that’s slowly being warmed to boiling point, by the time most people realize the danger, it’s too late. They never faced facts and accepted the truth. They were dealing with a fake, a liar, and a mask the entire time.

Pull down the mask, and what do you see?

Impenetrable darkness.

How To Spot The Big Red Flashing Warning Signals…

In a Romantic Relationship

  • Dating them was a whirlwind of passion, like Christmas, the 4th of July and Your birthday all rolled into one

  • But these days, the passionate fantasy lover you connected with so deeply has vanished, and you’re walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting them

  • They promised you the earth but your dreams never materialized in reality

  • They have money, but you’re not allowed to spend any, even on necessities like food and clothes

  • You’re always wrong, even when you’re right

  • Did we mention how you’re always wrong?

  • A huge part of your relationship involves playing small to avoid being the target of your partner’s anger

  • They “drink” your self-esteem for breakfast, leading you to doubt your self-worth and decisions

  • You looked up the word “gaslighting” on Google and what you read made your stomach churn with dread.

  • You feel a huge pressure to conform and agree

  • They are never EVER guilty, even when caught red handed with their hand in the cookie jar

  • The way you remember things is always “wrong”, especially when it comes to anything your partner said or did

  • It feels like you’re going crazy, and your partner is happy to encourage that thought

  • You feel confused, as if living with your head in a cloud

  • You never have time for your own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs

  • Your partner says YOU dominate them, but no one else ever accused you of acting that way

  • Your partner is always promising the once in a lifetime trip away, the house, the perfect adventure… But it never happens.

  • You feel lonely, isolated from friends, and trapped in your relationship

  • You suspect they are cheating, or a new person, a special “friend”, has been introduced to your relationship, and you feel deeply ashamed, humiliated, and uncomfortable

With Friends

  • “Even when you lose your job, your partner, and house, this conversion is still always ALL about ME, ” … This one explains itself

  • You’re a kind, thoughtful, loyal friend but somehow this person always leaves you feeling guilty and wrong

  • Your personal boundaries don’t matter. Ever.

  • You meet a new partner, get a pay raise, or share other good news - but your ‘friend’ will ALWAYS make a cruel, passive aggressive comment to burst your balloon

  • They want you when they need something - money, a good time, someone to listen to, etc. But when the shoe is on the other foot, they’re nowhere to be seen.

  • Their body language and passive aggressive comments make you feel small, stupid, and ugly around them. It’s an unequal relationship and deep down you know it.

  • They decide the plan, not you. Your friendship is their personal space, and you’re in it.

  • The idea of setting a clear boundary with them makes you nervous, uncomfortable or upset in a way that would never apply with your other close friends


  • Your boss lets you do all the work then takes credit and expects your undying admiration

  • They criticize and demean you instead of supporting and encouraging you

  • They have a “golden child” favorite employee who can do no wrong while you and everyone else get scapegoated for everything that goes wrong

  • Your boss likes to pressurize and drain the brightest, hardest-working employees until they give up and leave

  • There’s a pay rise in the pipeline, but somehow, it never quite arrives

  • You work later than your boss when the project deadline is near (meanwhile, they stroll casually off to afterwork drinks.)

  • They move the goal posts halfway through a project or deal, or set unrealistic targets that guarantee you will fail

  • You know better than to openly challenge their authority or need to be right

  • They expect you to trust them, admire, and look up to them as a leader, but your intuition screams at you to get a new job asap

  • They couldn’t care less about your happiness in the workplace until it suits them to publicly pretend they care

Did You Spot The Red Flags Matching Your Personal Situation?

Sooner or later, everyone meets one of their ten personal narcissists.

If you’ve been lucky to escape so far, the clock is ticking and NOW is the time to prepare.

If You’re Still Reading, It’s Time To Stop…

🛑 STOP bending yourself so far out of shape you no longer fit the mold of your own life...

🛑 STOP suffering alone and letting the situation escalate…

🛑 STOP denying the reality and danger of your situation…

You’re not crazy.

You have a mind of your own.

Your wants and needs matter.

What’s missing is the support to set limits, create boundaries, and remove yourself from the situation if necessary.

Your escape route…

It’s normal to feel confused and lost, even afraid, not knowing which way to turn.

That’s because the narcissist in your life has turned off your intuition.

You’ve been abandoned to wander in the dark, searching for the door.

We’re here with the solution.

Turn On Each One Of These 5 Light Bulbs In Turn…You’ll Soon See The Way Out:

💡 - Expose The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Identify the different types of narcissist in your life to protect yourself effectively.

Understanding their tactics is crucial in setting boundaries and safeguarding your well-being.

💡 - Lift The Veil Of Consciousness Forever

Uncover the reason for attracting narcissists into your life.

Explore your thought patterns, especially those acquired during childhood, to comprehend how they manipulate and exploit you.

This awareness empowers you to break free.

💡 - Master Strategies for Dealing with Narcissists

Discover effective strategies and techniques for navigating relationships with narcissists.

Establish healthy boundaries, practice self-care, and develop communication skills to protect yourself and maintain your well-being.

💡 - Negotiate Life Transitions with Narcissists

Gain insights into handling challenging situations involving narcissists, such as divorce, workplace dynamics, or other interpersonal conflicts.

Acquire practical tools and resources to navigate these complex scenarios with resilience and confidence.

💡 - The Roadmap to Personal Growth and Freedom

Escape the grip of narcissistic influences by embarking on a personal healing and growth journey.

Learn the lessons, embrace self-confidence, and create the life you’ve always desired.

Embrace your best self and unlock true happiness.


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ALL of us, no matter how rough and tough, can be the prey of a narcissist.

You could be the most confident, happy, and loving person of all time, but given a long enough timeline, they still can suck your spirit dry.

If you’re not careful…

You end up confused and afraid.

We refuse to let fear be your default setting.

You’re not a victim who’s losing at life.Y

ou’re a survivor who’s about to restore the health, happiness, and joy that was stolen.

To make sure that happens…

We’ve Teamed Up With Elliot Roe, The World’s #1 Mindset Coach For Poker Players.

Elliot’s helped his clients win over $100 million in prize money already.

But he also helps:

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Meet Your Host

Meet your host, Amy Redford, an accomplished actress, director, and producer known for her unique perspective on the creative process.

She is currently working on the post-production of Angela Robinson’s film, Professor Marston and Wonder Woman.

Amy has directed and starred in a range of projects, from short films to TV shows.

Her directorial debut, The Guitar, premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Alongside these and many other accomplishments, she’s involved in several promising future projects.

However, Amy’s journey through the industry has not been without challenges.

She’s faced narcissism multiple times throughout her career, experiences that have shaped her approach to her work and her relationships within the industry.

This personal experience has given her a nuanced understanding of the dynamics at play in high-pressure, creative environments.

A graduate of SFSU and the University of Colorado, Boulder, Amy is also a dedicated board member of the Sundance Institute.

Be inspired by Amy’s resilience, creativity, and commitment to storytelling.

With her at the helm, you’re in good hands.